Objective: To promote Drumming as an instrument along with dancing, singing and poetry.

Jah Jah Drummers

An ensemble of accomplished percussionists of the Caribbean African American black Diaspora. Jah Jah Drummers have been performing in the Boston area since 1996: their combined experience as drummers totaling forty (40) years.
Artistic Director Glen Noel, himself a native of Trinidad and Tobago, is an accomplished percussionist on the African Congo Drum, for the past thirty (30) years.
His proficiency enables him to adroitly lead the ensemble in chants, traditional Afro Caribbean songs, and spirituals.

Jah Jah Drummers have become well known for their dedication to keeping alive the Art of African drummology in the Boston area, by displaying their talent and skills in the different idioms of drummology, on a variety of drums, whenever the opportunity has presented.
A Jah Jah Drummers' performance gives a primordial call back to the rich cultural roots of the slave ancestors. Their stories, poetry and praise songs, (transported from West Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas, through slavery), re-tell the stories of the slave experience, the traditions of the mother-country and a hope for a better life in the New World, while showing respect and paying homage to Jah (Almighty God).

Conceptualized and presented - First annual celebration of the birthday of Haile Sellasie I king of Ethiopia 1996
Featured performance - First Annual International Emancipation Day Aug 1 Boston, 1997, 1998
Opening Act- Branches Steelband Concert
Featured Performance - Barbados Ah Cum Frum-folklore recital
Featured Performance - Teens Against Gang Violence Summer Event
DYS Children's Correctional Institute - Drummology, Lecture/Demo
Kwanzaa Celebration - 1997 to present
Black History Month - Live radio broadcast 1997-1999
Various community events for children, churches, outdoor events etc.

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